The village of Mousny and the legend of the "cailloux" (stones)


A nice village two steps away from the Ourthe river, well-known for the legend of the stones.Actually, they are exceptionnaly beautiful pieces of white quartz, scattered in the countryside of Mousny, similar to the menhirs about which the famous legend is about. A sheeper who was making his sheeps grazing in the upper and covered plain of heathers that is located between the village of Ortho and the Ourthe valley, refused to give a glass of water to a pilgrim who was dying with thirst and who was implorating him, in the name of Saint Thibault, a very venerated Saint in the region.As the pilgrim went and sat down twenty steps further, he threatened him with his stick, and, as according to him, he was going away too slowly, he took a stone and he threw it to him. The stone got repulsed by a divine hand and it came back and hit the scoundrel who got then petrified at the very moment together with his whole flock; they are the stones of Mousny and the pilgrim was Jesus-Christ as himself

Curiosities:- chapelle Notre Dame des 7 Douleurs chapel- site of Les Blancs Cailloux

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