The village of Bérismenil and the celtic fortress "Cheslé"


The agricultural and forest village of Bérismenil is located between the plateau of Samrée and the deep Ourthe valley. For reaching the heart of the village, at the crossroad of La Baraque, we have to turn right in front of the Saint-Lambert chapel. The marked walks towards the Les Crestelles and Le Cheslé sites start from the Saint-Hubert church.Le Cheslé: this Celtic fortification was used as shelter by the people around the 7th, 6th and 5th centuries BC.It is currently subjected to excavations and to piecing together, at the place of the primitive ramparts and at the defensive wall of the entry. The site is registred among the Main Heritage of Wallonia

Le Cheslé:- 4-km-long walk on good paths, with a light hill for starting - Easy- Time: about 2 hours

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