The village of Beausaint


The village of Beausaint must have been much wider and must have had much more inhabitants than nowadays. According to a tradition, it was completely destroyed by the fire and ravaged by the plague. Nothing is known about its origin, excepted the fact it was inhabitated from the Roman period on. The territory of Beausaint is crossed by side road of the Roman road that lead from Trier to Bavay, from South to North. About fifty Roman tombs were discovered there.The castle of Beausaint: the seignory of Beaumont was in the middle of the fief of the earldom of La Roche. It was set up as an upper seignory by Jean l'Aveugle in 1324 with its feudal castle, then it was burnt during the first half of the 17th century, during the war that devasted the Netherlands. This castle was built again, then destroyed again, and it remains of it only a wing that has been turned into a single house

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