The mire "Fange aux Mochettes"


La Fange aux Mochette is listed and run by the D.N.F.Surface: 6 Ha

In the heart of the nature reserve of La Fange aux Mochettes (a remarkable place for both nature and history), there is the Alu farm (a quality housing infrastructure), surrounded by huge fields where Christmas firs are cultivated. The most often, spruce has been our Christmas tree for 150 years. Its trailing cones, the squirrels' food, used to be used sometimes as an extra barometer by children: when they are open, it means that the weather is fine, and instead, when they are closed, it means that it is going to rain. among the three coniferous trees that are the most present in the country of Houffalize - La Roche-en-Ardenne, the larch is the only one that has deciduous needles that are gathered in small clumps. The late-autumn sun gives it a bright golden yellow colour. Its round cones that are gathered long the branches are eaten by wrens and tits. As for the douglas, an American tree from the western mountains, it is a bit by chance that some seeds that were planted at the end of the First World War tell us there are some of them in the Ardennes. Since then, some people cultivate it in specific places, and they use its wood that is harder and more coloured than the two others'

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