The "Le Hérou" rock in the meander of the Ourthe


registred in the Major Heritage of Wallonia

The site of the Hérou (a 1,50 kilometer-rocky outcrop that bars the Ourthe's way), has been classed in 1937, and it offers a wild landscape:conglomeration of hilltops, of great hillslides covered with clusters of trees, of firs, and of rock scarps. In the valley, you can see the Ourthe wriggling on itself in seceral meanders (nowadays, the vegetation hides one or tow of them to us). This rocky block that used to have absolutely no vegetation might have a basis large 80 meters on a lenght of 1000 meters and 80 to 90 meters of height. It used to be called "Li Cresse di laid saut".some people say that it is from up this rock that a herald used to announce the sentences made by the Court of Nadrin.Exceptional landscape (2 stars in the Michelin guide)Site classed "Major Heritage of Wallonia"Site classed by a Royal order on the October 15 1937

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