"Stones from Mousny"


this vein of white quartz can be distinguished by its exceptional thickness. Some archaeologists have compared them to the menhirs from Wéris and they think they are the relics of a Celtic pagan worship.The inhabitants of Mousny prefer the legend that is linked to it:"One day, a sheeper from Mousny who was making hi sheeps grazing got approached by a pilgrim who was going to Saint-Thibaut. The pilgrim was absolutely exhausted and very thirsty and he asked the sheeper something to drink. The sheeper refused harshly, the pilgrim criticized him for his lack of charity and he sat down for resting, but the sheeper forced him standing and carrying on his journey. The pilgrim went away and the sheeper threw a stone to him. Then, the pilgrim turned back, he picked up the stone and sent it back on the sheeper who got then immediately petrified, as well as his whole flock and his dog (whose sharp profile can vaguely be recognized at the foot of the main block that was his master, and the little stones represent the sheeps). By going down towards Le ris de Cens, we arrive to the foundry of Le ris de Cens, a round furnace from the 16th century around which you can recognise some remains of cravat. By following the ris de Cens up to its junction with the Ourthe, we will reach the Chaupré shed where there are some vestiges of a hamlet and the vestiges of a mill where oil was extracted from beechnuts

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