The village of Marcouray during the Battle of the Ardennes


Several days after the start of the Battle of the Ardennes, the 3rd Armored Division commanded by General Rose took position on a line of defence from Hotton to Manhay, its mission to stop the advance of German troops and to carry out reconnaissance operations. On 21 December, one of these reconnaissance forays, commanded by Colonel Sam Hogan and headingfor La Roche, ran into the vanguard of 116. Panzer. Colonel Hogan’s unit withdrew towards Marcourt and then Marcouray, where he found himself surrounded. His vehicles being practically out of fuel, the order to break-out could not be executed, and the American attempts to disengage andto recover parachuted supplies failed. On Christmas night, General Rose ordered Colonel Hogan to destroy his vehicles, to cross the Germanlines and to rejoin the American positions. After a 14-hour march, the 400 survivors reached the sentry-posts of the 84th Infantry Division at Soy. They were quickly re-equipped and on 3 January ’45 took part in the counter-offensive. (Text source by Guy Blockmans / OPT)

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