The Achouffe Brewery


This modern brewery produces "La Chouffe", a pale ale with 8% alcohol and "McChouffe" a dark beer that rivals the famous Trappist beers with 8.5% alcohol. In the cold winter months, try "N'ice Chouffe", a very dark, spicy winter ale with 10% alcohol.Visits must be booked at least one month in advanceThe €5/person option : For groups of between 10 and 40 people only. The visit starts at 10am and ends at 11.15am. It includes a guided tour of the brewery, a free beer glass and stamped postcard per visitor and one free sample glass of beer in the Achouffe tavern.The €7.50/person option : For groups of between 20 and 40 people only, in the afternoon only. The visit includes guided tours of the brewery in Achouffe and of the bottling plant at Fontenaille, 4km away, followed by two free sample glasses of beer, a free beer-glass and a free stamped postcard per person.

Capacity :

  • 25 maximum group




CHOUFFE Soleil is a blonde special beer, delicately fruity and deliciously refreshing. The ideal beverage to celebrate the arrival of the fine weather. CHOUFFE Soleil is an unfiltered beer which is refermented both in the bottle and in barrels
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